Everything’s sunny in Clearwater

Either by bike or by kayak both ways to the beach.

How about this weekend roundup:

We biked to Clearwater Beach Saturday (April 4). What was great about it. Was sipping brews on the apex of the bridge as traffic sat still. Finishing the drinks then racing down the decline, passing the cars that inched by minutes before. What can you say except spring break.

Then there was Sunday.

It was an early morning kayak adventure. I mean, by 10:30 a.m we were sipping brews on the beach at Carl’s Island. Well, I was, at least. A family camped on the island the night before. They loaded up, got in their boat, leaving trash on the beach and smoldering embers barely five feet from a pile of Australian pine needles and logs. We picked up the trash and made sure the fire was extinguished. A quick bit of grapefruit and then we were off.

Onto to Caladesi Island. The state park is the winner of Dr. Beach’s 2008 Best Beach award.

It used to be an island. The inlet where we landed used to be a deep channel cutting off the barrier island from the beach to the south. The sand over time washed in. Now, a land bridge connects north Clearwater Beach to the lush state park.

Unfortunately, a gang of personal water crafter riders spoiled the serenity. Just off a dune on Caladesi Island the group raced back and forth between the mangroves. Any of the birds that were feeding there when we first paddled up surely flew off. It is one thing to enjoy the water, it is another to disregard the no wake/ no motor zone with reckless abandon.

On the way back to shore we stopped at another island to rest up for the final leg. After eating another grapefruit and checking out the island, we started back. As I paddled around the island I felt a bump beneath the kayak. I paddled faster as I freaked out. The water was more than a chop, it looked like some white caps ahead. And there still was dodging speeding boats to cross the channel. Near there is where I spotted the fin. Pretty sure it was a dolphin. However, I did not hang around long enough to find out. Considering the waves and wind, I think I made it back in record time. Fear and adrenaline can really help motivate.

One thing to keep in mind, sunscreen can be reapplied, but only if you remember to bring it with you.

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