Spring breaks patience

The sight of backlogged traffic jamming the majestic Memorial Causeway bridge through downtown Clearwater can mean one thing – Spring break is back.

What a great time of year. The young, dumb and drunk descend on Pinellas county and area beaches for the sun and plenty of tall, cold drinks for a week of revelry.

Living here, you get to experience week after week of fun. Kind of.

This last weekend, the beach was not as busy, due to the extremely windy conditions. However, that did not stop optimistic beachgoers.

Typically I ride my bicycle over the nearly $70 million, more than 70 foot tall bridge. Breathlessly peddling to the top, I look around at the top for a short time before flying downhill at breakneck bicycle speed.

However, last weekend. We took cars.

After sitting in traffic, it did not take long to realize the wind did not stop the party.

After a couple of Beers of the Month at Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill it was time to continue the journey.

A Spring breaker in board shorts was standing in the parking lot at Frenchy’s Saturday (March 28). Some cougars from the bar asked my buddy to get the idiot out of the road so he would not get hit. As difficult as it would be to hit someone in a parking lot where speeds often reach 10 mph. However, it would be deserving if he was.

I digress.

As my buddy asked him to get out of the road. The dude got all in his face. Extreme.  Then he got in my face. But not in a mean way. A weird way.

Then we tried to leave. Drunk does what drunk will do though.

My buddy did not like that idiot swaying in the wind shouting and flying the double middle finger.

So he went over and slapped the guy in the face. Situation basically was over. We walked away and enjoyed some more beers and the beach.

I should be out there this weekend. Spring break, ya know.

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