Valpaks it in

Got to love those blue envelopes.

Yes. Envelopes, not pills.

As part of Val-Pak’s campaign to ensure junk mail gets read, they sent money in those stuffy blue envelopes that come every so often in the mail.

The company sent out about 1,000 checks mixed in with their assortment of coupons that are sent to nearly 43-million people. That comes down to about a 1 in 50,000 chance to be a winner. And I am one.

But I almost wasn’t.

Normally I open those packs. For some reason, I set my Valpak aside, for nearly a week. Finally, I decided to go through the mail. Eying the blue envelope I said, “Why not open it.”

As soon as I tried to pull it apart I knew something was amiss. It was some sort of thick horse glue or liquid nails or something keeping it sealed. I finally ripped it apart and like a Wonka golden ticket there was the congratulatory letter:

“You are the lucky winner of a $100 check from Valpak.”

And to think this was junk mail.

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