Tokyo Series Day 12: Nishiki Market

Editor’s note: I’ve had the great opportunity to visit Japan twice in the last five years, first in 2016 and again in 2018 and with the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo I wanted to revisit those trips and share some of the pictures that I may or may not have already.

What is it about Nishiki Market that keeps me coming back?

There’s a unique energy provided by the rows of vendors hawking fresh fish and other foods as hundreds of people pass by. On both of my visits to Japan, I found myself wandering the blocks more than once. There’s more than just food, but Nishiki Market is known as “Kyoto’s Kitchen.” It’s the city’s largest traditional, outdoor market. There are nearly 130 shops and restaurants crammed into the narrow five-block market space.

The first shop opened in the 14th century with a variety of others opening in the area over the years. By the 1600s it was thriving. Some of the stores have been run by the same families for generations.

The restaurants range from small stalls with standing room only, to larger, two-story buildings with seating and tables.

There’s a lot of choices, so feel free to check it out more than one time if you get the chance. And something to remember, don’t walk while eating, it’s considered rude.

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