Tokyo Series Day 9: Tsukiji Market

Editor’s note: I’ve had the great opportunity to visit Japan twice in the last five years, first in 2016 and again in 2018 and with the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo I wanted to revisit those trips and share some of the pictures that I may or may not have already.

The best place for sushi in Tokyo has to be the Tsukiji market.

After a 1657 fire devastated a portion of Edo, what Tokyo used to be called until the late 19th century, officials decided to fill in a coastal part of the city along Tokyo Bay. It was named Tsuki-ji, which means constructed land.

It was not until another natural disaster in the 20th century that the area became known for its fish market.

The Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 destroyed much of Tokyo including the Nihonbashi Fish Market. The market was moved to Tsukiji where it’s operated since.

Overtime it became too popular a destination and the wholesale fish market, where the auctions take place, was moved to another part of the city. However, the shops surrounding the Central Wholesale Market remain. The Tsukiji Outer Market is lined with retail shops and restaurants and still the best place to get the freshest fish.

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